9 Years being part of Harvey Nichols


Harvey Nichols is a luxury department store chain originally founded in 1831 in London, UK. Specialising in high-end fashion, beauty products, food, and lifestyle items, Harvey Nichols is known for its curated selection of prestigious brands and upscale shopping experience. The store has expanded internationally and is esteemed for its stylish stores.

I joined Harvey Nichols in September 2015 and worked there until June 2024. Starting from the very bottom, designing banners for campaigns, I steadily worked my way up to conceptualising, creating, and implementing some of the biggest projects I had dreamed of. My journey at Harvey Nichols has been instrumental in my growth, both as a professional and as a person. Over nearly nine years, I developed my skills and expertise. I am grateful and proud of this journey, which has fuelled my passion for UI and UX design.

In my role, I had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams across departments, refining my ability to translate ideas into compelling visual experiences. This experience not only honed my technical skills in design software and project management but also deepened my understanding of user behavior and interaction.

Throughout my time at Harvey Nichols, I consistently sought new challenges, from enhancing the user interface of our e-commerce platform to spearheading innovative digital campaigns. Each project taught me valuable lessons and shaped my approach to design, emphasizing user-centricity and aesthetic refinement.

In the following sections, I will explain and showcase a variety of small to medium projects I completed during my nearly nine years as a designer at Harvey Nichols. Please note that while the process for each project is based on user-centered design principles, these principles may not be fully detailed in the project descriptions.


Over the past nine years at Harvey Nichols, I've led and contributed to a wide range of key projects, driving innovation and enhancing user experiences across various platforms. From designing responsive modules and updating website navigation to implementing a personalised Rewards Program and launching the OXO Box initiative during COVID-19, my role has been pivotal. Collaborating with teams and stakeholders, I have consistently delivered high-quality, user-centered designs that align with Harvey Nichols' brand and strategic goals, showcasing my leadership and expertise in UX/UI design.

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